What we do Geotechnical

Geotechnical engineering

Lithos has considerable expertise within the field of geotechnical engineering. Our engineers have experience in the design and implementation of site investigations to obtain parameters for geotechnical and structural design.  We also supervise general earthworks and ground improvement.

Our geotechnical design expertise is used across a wide range of applications encompassing:

Analysis of ground movement as a result of an increase in load or change in pore pressure. This may be caused by a change in ground level, change in groundwater regime, or the construction of a foundation. Lithos utilises an array of mathematical techniques from classical mechanics to finite elemental analysis, using state of the art software.

Determination of soil shear strength to establish the safe bearing capacity of a soil, prior to foundation design.

Analysis and design is undertaken using a variety of in-house techniques to suit the complexity of the situation, ranging from simple slip circle analysis to more complex finite element modelling.

Analysis of earth pressures on gravity retaining walls, embedded retaining walls, crib walls, gabions and reinforced soil design.

The design of earthworks to provide enhanced engineering performance of the soil to support pavements and where possible building structures.