Lithos is committed to promoting a culture of sustainability within both the work environment and in the professional services we provide. Appreciation of the challenges and a desire to improve and promote improved sustainability throughout the business is integral to the activities and management of Lithos.

We aim to address the three pillars of sustainability (Social, Environmental, Economic – also referred to as People, Planet and Profits).  We believe this can be achieved by:

  • Aiming to monitor and reduce the environmental impact of our activities
  • Increasing the social benefits to our staff, stakeholders and the public
  • Providing ‘value for money’ in our activities
  • Promoting a similar recognition and ambition within our clients and supply chain

Our detailed sustainability policy can be found here.

We review and monitor the impact we have on the environment at least annually, the results of which can be found in our Environmental Performance Report.

Environmental performance 2022