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Client: Vinci
Site location: Manchester

Outer Space Film Studio

Our brief

Vinci had received several ground reports for the site from third party consultants, and one issue highlighted was the presence of asbestos in a 6F2 capping layer placed following remediation.  Vinci asked Lithos for advice with respect to implications for the construction phase groundworks, and appropriate mitigation measures.  Lithos considered the site in the context of the Control of Asbestos Regulations (CAR) 2012 and undertook a site-specific risk evaluation to inform a Plan of Work.

Site history and characteristics

The site is located approximately 3.5km east of Manchester city centre.  Former uses include a chemical works, foundry and engineering works.  Asbestos would have been contained within former buildings; however, it was not used in on-site processes.  Following demolition, appropriate arisings were crushed to generate 6F2 material which was placed across the entire site.  Third party consultants took further samples of the placed 6F2 and identified asbestos fibres again at and below 0.002%.

What we did

Lithos collated all previous sampling results and undertook further sampling to improve the quality and reliance of the data set.  We then undertook an assessment of risk under CAR 2012 to confirm the work proposed on site was not licensable or notifiable.

Secondly, we considered proposed site activities (which included Vibro ground improvement, excavation of foundations and service trenches etc) and recommended construction phase mitigation measures.  Transient risks to construction workers could be adequately addressed by suitable PPE and the development and implementation of a robust Plan of Work.

The outcome

Vinci used our assessment to prepare an Asbestos Management Plan which we reviewed to ensure it considered all aspects of the assessment.  This has allowed groundworks to proceed safely, with clear guidance for all site personnel.

Our assessment also provided Vinci with confidence that they are acting in accordance with current legislation and best practice.

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