Case Studies JB Springs Ltd
Client: JB Springs Ltd
Site location: Skipton

JB Springs Ltd

Our brief

To assess the extent of pollution at a commercial site before a new lease contract was agreed.

Site history and characteristics

Historic and current operations at any site have the potential to contaminate soil, groundwater and surface water.  Current UK legislation operates a ‘Polluter Pays’ principle.  Consequently, before a new operator purchases, or leases, an existing site, they should have assessed pollution caused by previous occupiers.

JB Springs Ltd own several warehouses and workshops on an industrial estate to the south of Skipton, one of which had been occupied by a bus maintenance depot.  A chemical company was looking to lease the site, and prior to agreement of any lease, JB Springs wanted to understand the land’s condition.  This assessment would form a basis for the lease agreement before the chemical works commenced operations.

The outcome

With reference to the geological, hydrogeological and hydrological setting of the site, Lithos developed a plausible conceptual site model.  By installing groundwater monitoring wells along the downgradient flow pathway, Lithos were able to confidently confirm the absence of any significant contamination.  The wells installed can now be used to allow longer term groundwater monitoring in locations at a suitable distance from the operational area, to check for any environmental impact caused by the chemical company.

During the initial site inspection, it was clear that the floor of the warehouse had previously been re-laid to a high standard.  The importance of maintaining the integrity of the floor was agreed with JB Springs as installations through the floor could result in pathways to underlying groundwater.

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