Lithos undertake site appraisals, ground investigations and risk assessments for a variety of purposes, including: resolving ground related design uncertainties; addressing planning conditions; and providing advice on issues that could arise during the construction phase.  Our reports enable Principal Contractors to establish ground-related abnormal costs and provide practical advice to support the successful delivery of projects. 

Whilst we are fully qualified to operate on Network Rail Managed Infrastructure, our focus is on work in a ‘High Street Environment’ on or about NRMI.  Examples of work we have done, or could do, to support Principal Contractors:

  • Preparation of site investigation and remediation strategy reports prior to redevelopment of existing facilities (with demolition of redundant buildings and construction of new buildings)
  • Classification and assessment of waste soils in line with the Environment Agency’s Technical Guidance WM3
  • Preparation of a Materials Management Plan (MMP) for the construction phase, allowing the retention and reuse of suitable material
  • Review of 3rd party ground reports to provide pre-tender bid support or assist with the discharge of planning conditions

In addition, we are able to undertake site investigations to support the:

  • Acquisition of land for a new depot, station, sidings, new car parking etc
  • Sale of redundant land (to allow prospective purchasers to submit bids that are unconditional with respect to ground)

We are a RISQS registered supplier and all our in-house rail team have Sentinel cards.  Where necessary, we draw upon our approved RISQS registered sub contactors to support us out on site.

Examples of work we’ve done can be found within the Case studies section of this website.

Lithos actively support the National Quality Mark Scheme.  The NQMS is designed to provide confidence that work has been undertaken by qualified individuals, to recognised standards and that all legislative requirements connected to the management of the land have been considered.

All Lithos reports are completed in line with the underlying assumptions of the NQMS ensuring work is transparent, uncertainties are clearly defined, and reports undergo rigorous review.

All our geoenvironmental engineers are qualified to Degree or Master’s level and are either Chartered (geologists or scientists) or working towards Chartership.

We also have two registered Suitably Qualified Persons within the company, one who specialises in land quality, the other who specialises in geotechnical considerations, as such we can provide an NQMS declaration with reports.  NQMS declarations demonstrate to Regulators and third parties that both Lithos and our clients are committed to the highest standards.

With respect to geotechnical constraints, our reports typically include consideration of:

  • Depth and nature of made ground
  • Presence of soft or loose natural strata
  • Potential for shallow mineworkings (including coal, ironstone and limestone)
  • Engineering characteristics including shrinkability, allowable bearing capacity, CBR value etc
  • Slope stability
  • Soakaway feasibility
  • Groundwater – seasonal fluctuations, flow rates dewatering requirements etc

With respect to environmental issues, our reports typically include consideration of:

  • Historic activities that could give rise to contamination
  • Conceptual site model (updated as the project progresses)
  • Risks to both human health and controlled waters receptors
  • Gas generation & migration (including landfill gas, radon and mines gas)
  • Remediation Strategy to ensure the site is rendered suitable for the intended end use and remediation is proportional to the actual risk

We have a clear understanding of planning requirements and can produce reports that satisfy planning obligations.  Where development is completed under permitted development rights (including national infrastructure improvements), we consider the development in the context of other regulatory regimes, including: Waste Framework Directive; Environmental Permitting Regulations; Part IIA of the Environmental Protection Act (including feedback to Rail Operators regarding potential liabilities associated with land ownership).

With respect to site preparatory & remediation works, Lithos routinely:

  • Supervise remediation activities, including treatment of hydrocarbon-impacted soils, removal of relict obstructions etc
  • Supervise earthworks
  • Design and supervise drill & grout of old mineworkings
  • Undertake WM3 compliant waste assessments for surplus made ground soils that need to be exported to landfill