News Coronavirus – continuity

Coronavirus - continuity

12 January 2021

This is an incredibly difficult time for all businesses.   At Lithos, we intend to operate ‘business as usual’, so far as is possible and in line with emerging Govt advice, whilst prioritising the health of our staff, clients and suppliers.

We have clear processes in place to protect people and manage any potential disruption caused:

  • Employees with underlying medical conditions are working from home.
  • All our employees have the IT capability and resources to work from home and the majority are now doing so.  Everyone is available for Skype or Microsoft Teams conference calls and can be contacted by email or mobile phone.
  • Our purpose-built Wetherby office is low density and is currently running on skeleton staff to answer phones and coordinate lab pickups and any requirements for PPE or equipment.  There are strict hygiene and social distancing procedures when entering the building and for working throughout the day.
  • In respect of site work, we are able do construction site visits, gas and water monitoring, site walkovers, trial pitting and some drilling when these operations can be carried out in accordance with PHE guidance and SOP issued by the Construction Leadership Council.
  • The laboratories we use have reassured us they too have plans and processes in place to minimise any potential disruption.  They are currently meeting our scheduling requirements, although turnaround times are longer. 
  • We currently have sufficient PPE to meet our needs on site.  Other materials we use are not in short supply but, again, delivery times may be slightly longer.
  • As a relatively small business, we appreciate the importance of cashflow over the next few months.  We pride ourselves in paying our suppliers promptly and we will continue to do so.

We hope this gives some reassurance that we are as prepared as we can be.  Please do not hesitate to contact the Directors at Lithos with any further questions regarding this.

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