Case Studies Millenium Village
Client: Miller Homes Yorkshire
Site location: Allerton Bywater, Millennium Village, Castleford

Millenium Village

Our brief

Lithos were commissioned by Miller Homes to undertake validation works on their Allerton Bywater Millennium Village site near Castleford in West Yorkshire.

Site history and characteristics

The site was formerly occupied by Allerton Bywater Colliery, which closed in the early 1990s and was subsequently reclaimed by English Partnerships.  Allerton Bywater Colliery closed in the early 1990s, and this site was subsequently reclaimed by English Partnerships.  In 2000 the village became the HCA’s second Millennium Community – an initiative to ‘set the standard for 21st Century living, and to serve as a model for the creation of new communities in England'.

The final phase of remediation works was undertaken by Miller Homes and comprised:

- Installation of gas protection measures (ventilated sub-floor void & proprietary gas-resistant membrane) within all new dwellings

- Provision of minimum 450mm thickness of clean soil cover in all gardens and soft landscaped areas

What we did

Lithos carried out independent checks during installation of the gas protection measures in each plot, to ensure that the required measures had been installed and that a suitable level of workmanship had been attained.

Soils imported for use in the clean cover layer were inspected and sampled either at source, in stockpile following import to site and/or following placement in garden areas, and subjected to chemical testing in order to demonstrate their suitability for use.  The thickness of placed soil cover was validated by means of hand-dug inspection pits located in the gardens to approximately one in every four plots.

The outcome

Interim validation reports were produced for each block of plots as the works progressed, and submitted to NHBC to ensure that all relevant conditions were discharged in time for the individual plot completions.  On completion of the works, a final validation report was produced and submitted to the Local Planning Authority in order to discharge relevant Planning Conditions.
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