Case Studies Fernbank Mill
Client: Construction Company
Site location: Barnoldswick

Fernbank Mill

Our brief

Lithos were commissioned by Sutcliffe Construction Ltd to undertake a geoenvironmental appraisal of land which was formerly a cotton mill before it was demolished prior to sale in 2011.  It is understood that redevelopment will comprise a single commercial factory.

The land investigated by Lithos had formerly been occupied by cotton mill with periphery out buildings and a single large chimney.  Demolition of the site in 2011 included removal of all above ground structures, the majority of foundations and spectacular demolition of the former chimney; chimney bricks at the base of the structure were replaced by timbers props and subsequently burnt.

Lithos carried out a site investigation comprising 18 trial pits using a 13 tonne tracked excavator.  Challenges associated with the intrusive phase of the investigation included two live substations remaining on the site, a public footpath crossing and large areas of standing surface water.

The outcome

Lithos were able to identify key potential development constraints as a result of their work, including the presence of minimal relict foundations and a backfilled former basement.  Geochemical testing was carried out to identify potential issues regarding the protection of human and environmental receptors and satisfy planning regulations during the application for planning permission.

It is anticipated that the site will undergo further investigation in the near future, comprising cable percussion boreholes in order to make recommendations on foundation design prior to development.

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